Revive Your Retirement.
Build a Better Future.

Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Retirement Account
by Diving into Real Estate without Confusion or Stress

Say goodbye to the limitations of your old retirement account.

What would it mean for you to have the retirement of your dreams? Would you pick up hobbies and interests you don’t yet have time for? Would you travel? Domestic? International?

Where would your retirement take you?

Would you take the time build and deepen connections with yourself and those around you?

What would it mean to know that you could retire not just earlier, but with more confidence? To have cash-flowing investments that paid for your lifestyle and enabled you to live life on your terms.

Are you one of these two types of people?


You haven’t used self-directed retirement accounts yet. You’re unfamiliar or maybe have looked into it, but they seem confusing and complex. You’re right! Without strong guidance, it can be difficult to manage the moving pieces of a self-directed retirement account on your own.


You already have a self-directed retirement account. You have already begun investing, but realize there’s more to it than just picking out a deal. Jumping in was easy, but mastering the process seems challenging. You realize you may need help understanding UBIT, K-1s, 990-Ts, FMVs, how to sign PPMs and so much more.

Introducing The Investor’s Guide to
Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

This is the program that gives you absolutely everything you need to build a better future with confidence and retire earlier than you ever thought possible. Full of step-by-step guides, downloads and templates to set you up for success from account opening all the way through to your retirement. Included are 12 concepts and strategies to minimize taxes and boost your returns on your current or next deal.

Visual lessons

I’m a visual learner by nature. I feel I can retain complex theories and structures better when I can see them in front of my eyes, instead of a wall of text I need to interpret. That’s why the Investor’s Guide is full of visuals. Any time a difficult concept is presented, it’s accompanied with a visual, so instead of just having a reference to go back to, you can actually learn and absorbs the concept.

Expert knowledge

After years of studying the darkest corners of the retirement tax code, I’ve emerged as the real estate industry’s leader in self-directed retirement accounts. I’ve developed the real estate industry first and only UBIT Calculator, arming you with the tools needed to critically analyze an opportunity and invest with greater confidence. Know that you’ll learn all there is to know about passively investing in commercial real estate, and nothing more.

Implement the Systems and Strategies That Have Brought Me 17.8% Annual Returns Over the Last Five Years

On December 12, 2018, I made my first commercial real estate investment with my self-directed retirement account. Since then, I have placed over $1 million of retirement capital in 19 deals, beating the S&P 500 over that span by an average of 5.2% each year.


What would an extra 5.2% mean to you?

If you invested $100,00 just once:

10 Years

An additional


20 Years

An additional


30 Years

An additional


Meet your self-directed instructor

Hi there!

My name is Josh Plave. I’m a passive and active investor, and founder of Wall to Main Investments, a commercial real estate firm specializing in proving retirement-aligned commercial real estate investment opportunities.

Over the last 17 years, I’ve invested and built up my retirement accounts. As many of us do, I began with the stock market, but I began to grow frustrated with middling returns that often felt like they were manipulated by large-scale algorithmic trading. I felt out of control and knew I wanted to take it back.

Since then, I’ve used self-directed retirement accounts to grab hold of my future and work toward my dreams. I dove deep into the concepts, developing strategies and tactics that have brought stability and steady growth to my future.

I’m now known as a self-direction industry leader, sharing my expertise with investors across the country. I’ve spoken at events, on countless podcasts, and been hosted by retirement custodians to speak to their clients, breaking down the more complex topics into their clearest and most succinct form.

Now I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned with YOU! My goal is to provide you with the answer to any question you could possibly have been investing in commercial real estate with a self-directed retirement account. I’m going to teach you every method I’ve developed, so you can take the guesswork out of self-directing and instead feel empowered to make smart, proactive investing decisions.

What You'll Find Inside

Module 1

The Power of Self-Directing Your Retirement

Get ready to learn about the incredible potential that comes with self-directing. See how many times more powerful the average self-directed retirement account is than a standard one. We’ll discuss how you can make the most of all the money you’ve worked hard to build up over your entire career.

    Module 2

    Getting Started with Self-Directed Investing

    The meat and potatoes. You’ll learn all the rules of self-directed investing as we introduce the concepts you need to know. We’ll uncover some creative ways that will let you sidestep pesky regulations, while making sure you stay buttoned up when making the most of this opportunity.

      Module 3

      The Vehicles That Will Drive Your Retirement

      Let’s hit the accelerator and dive into the different account types you’ll be able to use. You’ll learn the ins and out of each self-directed account, and see the benefits and drawbacks of all three. Using simple visuals and clear explanations, we’ll help you decide on which self-directed method is right for you.

        Module 4

        How to Get the Most Out of Your Retirement Account

        See how I’m able to get the absolute most out of my retirement funds, using checkbook control. You’ll learn how to operate quickly and cost-effectively when self-directing your retirement. And importantly, we’ll discuss when opening a checkbook control account may not be the right move for you. 

          Module 5

          How to Get Up and Running

          In previous modules, we’ve talked about all the building blocks of self-directed retirement accounts – and in this one, you’ll find out where and who to get started with. You’ll learn who we suggest to open an account with, so you can cut through all the custodian marketing and find the provider we’ve sent hundreds of investors to.

          Module 6

          Funding Your Self-Directed Retirement Account

          This is where things get fun – moving your existing retirement funds over to a self-directed account. The official last step to getting your self-directed retirement account up and running. We’ll discover which options are available to you, and understand a common pitfall that can be easily avoided. 

          Module 7

          Navigating Taxes With an Expert

          This is where you can separate yourself from the average self-directed investor, and really master this style of investing. Without knowledge of how UBIT operates and what influence it will have on your next (or even current!) investment, you’ll be left crossing your fingers for years, with questions answered until the deal sells. Jump into the driver’s seat and maximize the potential of your retirement account, realizing greater returns.

          Module 8

          Operating with Your Self-Directed Retirement Account

          Learning how to use your self-directed account doesn’t stop once you make your first investment, you still need to learn how to operate your new account. We’ll cover tax and logistical considerations, and you’ll also learn to avoid the #1 mistake self-directed retirement investors make – an error which was the inspiration for the entire Investor’s Guide.

          We know first hand the power of investing with self-directing retirement accounts. The transformative change that can occur in your future because of the investments available to you when you take control.

          With the right systems in place, you can invest in stable, cash-flowing commercial real estate assets that will provide a solid foundation for your retirement and beyond.

          And with the lessons provided in the Investor’s Guide, you’ll maximize the opportunity available to you, building a streamlined operation that keeps more of your returns in your retirement account, and out of Uncle Sam’s pocket.

          We’re so confident that you’ll find simple, easy to digest lessons, paired with strategies that will flat out make you more money, that we offer a 30 day value guarantee. If you feel the value and opportunity offered by the Investor’s Guide doesn’t exceed your investment in the program, we’ll provide you with a full refund. Simply let us know where we fell short so we can improve, and we’ll quickly process your request.

          Additional Bonuses!

          UBIT Calculator

          The tool that will give you incredible peace of mind when investing in a deal with your self-directed retirement account. With the UBIT Calculator, you’ll be able to take the projected returns from any project you consider, and uncover the post-tax returns you can expect from the deal. You’ll never be unsure of how much of your total return you’ll be able to keep. Instead, years before a deal sells, you’ll have a strong idea of what to expect.

          Passive Real Estate Investing 101

          The 6-part video series that will give you clarity on how you can start building a better future with commercial real estate. You’ll learn how passively investing in commercial real estate works, through the lens of multifamily. This series will eliminate any confusion you may have on what you can expect from passively investing, and it will give you the foundation you need to start looking for and understanding this new investment class.

          So what’s all of this worth?

          • 1) Modules 1-6, the building blocks for your self-directed retirement account: $1,500
          • 2) Module 7, navigating taxes to increase your returns by thousands: $5,000
          • 3) Module 8, operating with your self-directed account to save CPA and legal costs: $1,000
          • 4) UBIT Calculator: Invaluable
          • 5) Passive Real Estate Investing 101: $500

          Total Value: $8,000

          But that’s not what you’ll pay…

          Course Launch Price







          Modules 1-6, Self-Directed Foundations

          Module 7, Navigating Taxes With an Expert

          Module 8, Operating With Your Account

          UBIT Calculator

          Passive Real Estate Investing 101

          I have known Josh for several years. First off, it is an absolute pleasure to work with him!

          He has significant knowledge in the self-directed retirement accounts space and has helped me and others in my group countless times. He is my #1 go to resource for self-directed retirement account advice.

          Mark Kenney

          Think Multifamily

          Josh Plave is among the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals, nationwide, with regard to self-directed retirement accounts.

          His knowledge is exceptional, whether compared to that of real estate syndicators, CPAs, or service providers in the self-directed industry.

          Bernard Reisz

          CPA, CPCU, ARM, ACI, ReSure Financial

          Josh is the go-to resource for anything and everything related to self-directed accounts.

          He’s got real-world knowledge as a practitioner and the only person I know who has dug deep into the details like UBIT, depreciation, etc.

          Brent Kawakami

          Think Multifamily

          Who is the Investor's Guide for?

          Whether you’re just starting with self-directed retirement accounts or you’re a seasoned pro, our course is built for YOU. Dive deep into the world of real estate investment with our specialized insights – especially if you’re looking to master the art of passive commercial real estate investing. Unlock limitless opportunities and elevate your financial game today!

          Can I learn at my own pace?

          Yes. You’ll have immediate lifetime access to our extensive video library and resources. Dive in at your convenience and learn at a pace that suits you. You can always revisit and review to ensure you grasp every concept.

          Will the Investor’s Guide help me if I don’t know anything about self-directed retirement accounts?

          Yes! Tailored with you in mind, this course meticulously guides you through the essential dos and don’ts. From opening an account, to leveraging the full potential of a self-directed retirement account, we’ve got you covered every step of the way so that you can begin your journey with confidence and clarity.

          Will the Investor’s Guide help me if I’m experienced with self-directed retirement accounts and have already made investments?

          Absolutely. We are industry experts, offering an unparalleled wealth of resources for the seasoned self-directed investor. Our course is the culmination of our extensive knowledge, encompassing broad concepts we’ve personally mastered, down to the granular and intricate details essential for success. Enhance your due diligence skills for future endeavors and gain insights on optimizing your investments from a tax standpoint.

          How quickly will I be able to use the strategies taught in the Investor Guide?

          If you’re brand new to self-directed investing, you can begin today and we’ll guide you every step of the way. From finding the right resources to setting up your self-directed retirement account, we’ll provide you with strategies to get things rolling faster, aiming to be on the earlier side of the typical 2-4 week schedule.

          If you’re already experienced on the self-directed investing path, our course can be instantly applied to your upcoming or even ongoing deal. We’ll unveil strategies to reduce or completely sidestep UBIT when you qualify. Plus, you’ll be equipped with vital details and deadlines essential for managing these accounts seamlessly.

          Do you update the course?

          Definitely. We’re committed to ensuring the course remains current and highly relevant for you. We’ll refresh the content with updated contribution limits annually and introduce new topics as they emerge. If there’s a query or a topic you feel isn’t addressed, reach out to us! Not only will we assist you directly, but your input might also inspire a fresh presentation to enhance our existing course material. We value your feedback and aim to continually evolve for your benefit.

          Do you offer a refund?

          We stand firmly behind the value of our course, which is why we offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Considering the strategic insights and potential tax savings this course can offer on your upcoming or even current deals, we believe the benefits you’ll reap far surpass the investment you plan to make in this course. Your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we’re sure you’ll find immense value in our content.

          Is the course led by a tax professional?

          No, it’s essential to note that instructor Josh Plave is not a tax professional. Instead, Josh stands out as both an active and passive investor with a profound understanding of self-directed accounts. Notably, he has pioneered UBIT calculation, equipping investors with a clearer grasp of its tax ramifications. For a testament to Josh’s unparalleled expertise on self-directed retirement accounts, take a moment to read the testimonials from industry leaders and investors presented above–they vouch for the trust and reliance placed in his knowledge.

          Where can I access the Investor’s Guide?

          It’s all at your fingertips on our website! Once you’re registered, you’ll receive a log-in, granting you 24/7 access to all the materials.

          What kind of self-directed retirement accounts are covered?

          Whenever applicable, all materials cover Custodial SDIRAs, Checkbook Control SDIRA LLCs, and Solo 401ks.