Streamline your internal processes for retirement account investors.

Together we’ll turn your labor-intensive SDIRA & Solo 401k investor interactions into capital raising goldmines.

Discover all the benefits your Investor Relations & Services teams can unlock.


You’ll have your own liaison between custodian, investor, and your team. Whether it’s managing the workflow of a new SDIRA or Solo 401k account creation, or handling the back and forth of document signoffs as an investment works through custodial approval, you’ll have an experienced advocate on your side.

Get Proactive

Have problems addressed proactively instead of relying on investors to identify issues, causing your team to manage the situation reactively. Say goodbye to negative investor experiences over simple administrative hiccups and misunderstandings.

IR Coaching & Assistance

Improve the quality of your investor relations interactions. From coaching IR staff, to directly answering specific investor questions, your IR team can build tremendous goodwill with new leads when being able to directly address questions and provide guidance that can’t be found elsewhere. Raise additional capital by building a deeper level of trust with your investors.

K-1 Review

Don’t let incorrectly issued K-1s be a sore spot for investors. For all SDIRA clients, K-1s can be reviewed while still in draft-status, and double-checked for regulatory compliance prior to final issuance. Unlock additional capital raising potential and increase your repeat investor rates by ensuring a smooth tax-filing process for investors. Reduce your tax prep expenses by having fewer issues bubble up at the last minute.

PPM Review

Have all PPMs, Subscription Agreements and investor information reviewed to ensure they’ve been provided accurately and signed correctly, cutting off future administrative troubles before they ever develop. Greatly reduce the use of internal team resources, as well as vendor expenses by ensuring the data you’re working with and sending to your tax prep firm is accurate.


Bolster your capital raising potential by providing sought-after, expert-led education that will further deepen the trust leads establish with your firm. I will work with your communications department to support or even present on a variety self-directed retirement topics.


“Do you know who I should file my 990-T with?”, “How do I file a 990-T?” Have you ever received these questions? Strengthen your firm’s credibility and get connected with my network of tax preparers so you have a reliable resource for your investors and are left confident, instead of confused come tax season.

Preferred Vendor

Get connected with my #1 service provider for opening new self-directed retirement accounts who I have a strong working relationship with. Simplify you and your investor’s transactions as I guide them through the entire account opening process, and set them up with accounts that will allow them to quickly fund your future deals.


Reduce the administrative burden on your Investor Services team, and have all your FMV letters created and distributed for you. The coordination of supporting documentation will be handled and internal controls will be established to get FMV letters out at the same time each year.